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''Ray’s the Dead is an action-adventure game that lets you play the life and afterlife of Ray LaMorte. Through dual narrative storytelling and over-the-top action, you’ll unravel the secrets behind Ray's death, and the mysterious device lodged into his brain.

Ray's the Dead features fast paced combat akin to Pikmin and Overlord, the high level adventure of The Legend of Zelda, and the off beat humor of Stubbs the Zombie.

Ray's the Dead is in development by a team of three who have worked on Halo Wars, Thief: Deadly Shadows, and Stubbs the Zombie. With your help, Ray's The Dead will be shambling his way to release on PC, Mac, Linux and Playstation 4.

~ from the Kickstarter page
Ragtag Studios
Ragtag Studios
Action / Puzzle / Strategy
RP (Rating Pending)
Platforms and Release dates
Microsoft WindowsPlaystation 4
October 22, 2020
Note: The PS4 version can be played on the PS5.
Nintendo Switch
Q1 2021 Patch - v1.0.49 - - 2021/04/08 17:07
Christmas patch! - - 2020/12/19 00:03
Ray's the Dead Demo is live! - - 2020/06/17 00:18